Interior setting – “Oriental mood”

Oriental mood

I have definitely a mint and sky blue weakness lately. So, inspired by this color range and oriental ornaments, I came up with this set up. It’s a light and refreshing atmosphere, combining vintage Moroccan style ( specially the mirror and the lights) with the modern and minimalist ceramics and pillows.
The first item found on internet was the paint, then all started to build itself as a puzzle. I usually end up mixing totally different styles, but I try to keep a common element or color.

Advice: do not be afraid of playing with colors or styles, but look at the overall view and focus on the harmony between them.

Items choice:

  1.  Paint 
  2. Sofa
  3. Ceramic vases
  4. Green Rug
  5. Bedside table
  6. Mirror 
  7. Pendant Lamp
  8. Pillows
  9. Handcrafted sconces 

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