Retail Design Inspiration

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Yesterday, I received a call from a friend asking for some help with his new store he will open soon.  I was thrilled to find out that he doesn’t have a designer to help him out. So, I saw  the space, he told me his concept, I came up with some ideas and … Challenge accepted !   I’m very excited to work on this project and I hope he will find my ideas suitable for his store.

I spent all night searching for inspiration and clever display ideas; and this morning I wok up with this desire to share some with you. Hope it will be of help.

My favorite will be the last one of course, because it has this combination of very clean and crowded areas; and because I am a big gray lover.

What I have so far is: the  pallet I will use, some sketches of furniture and few styles to show. He will decide whether he will go for classic or bold / gloomy or bright.

Hope you liked my post .

Thank you for you time.

Have a nice day.



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