DIY paint tutorial “Dreams on the wall”

balerinaI finally got time, inspiration and mood to start painting my walls. They were left empty in the idea of filling  them with drawings.

I had a dream not long time ago in which I was a ballet dancer and it was one of the most intense feelings.  No wonder as I always  toyed with the idea of dancing professional. For many reasons I haven’t, but I compensate  with crazy girls night out, or dancing in my room imagining that I will do it on a scene. Enough of me and my unfulfilled dreams. Back to work.

The bedroom project it’s a nice combination of white and purple, and probably a bit of grey here and there. This project it’s not yet finished as it will be much more complex, but I wanted to show you the first steps.  I want to incorporate dreams, fantastic characters and circus elements.

For those interested in how it could be done, this are the main steps:

1. Choose the pallet . Please take in consideration the base color and the effects you want to create. I usually play with contrasts.

2. Tools : acrylic paint, at least 3 different size good brushes,a ruler and a pencil or crayon

3. Sketch/Shablon : in my opinion it’s a must to make a sketch of all the room and try to keep the proportions. And depending of what you want to draw, it could be of help a shablon

4. If your project is simple ( as mine – one color, a silhouette, one shape etc ) you have to make sure your colors are uniform, all the outlines sharp and considering how hard it will be to rectify, make sure you look at the painting from the distance ( so you can check  the proportions )

if your paint will be complicated, it will help if you draw some guiding lines .

Be creative and have courage to do it. In the worst scenario you will have to paint the wall again 🙂

Good luck!

PS: Wish me good inspiration and patience !


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