Interior design sketch – Namedesignstudio inspiration

   flowe chair

Love at first sight ! I found this amazing sofas on Etsy today and I was instantly inspired to find some suitable decor  items and create a particular atmosphere. All that I found on NameDesignStudio  I could easily name them peaces of art, not only that they are handmade, but they have this perfect combination of ethnic fabrics and velvet.

Because I wanted the chair to be the main piece from the room I hung a paint just above it , saved on my pinterest few days ago. I knew from the beginning that they will match. The fabrics and the flower patterns are very feminine, so I chose a shabby chic furniture and some cute items ( like flowers and pink plates ) . In every room you have to find a shinny element and the gold leave Lamp was my choice.  If I have had more time, I would have added more items, but it took me a while to find the right decorative objects from different sources.

Which is your favorite item? and what would you like to add to this room?


1. Ethnic chair      2. Ankara Rug      3. Wood candlesticks      4. White Console    5. Gold Lamp  6. Decorative Plates     7. Paint      8. Coffee Table    9. Closet


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