Anthropologie inspiration

ff8288be2f87981500fc12244bbbcf79 eb0250f8a2e3f60bc42c410cb1b9eef5 b5c1197d57b43655055f6bf401ed27df 89622e86ba89d7b39d303cb6325dd2ae 60641c1e1884f59b2f00bdbf5f1cf3f3 0143ac6667ed9c1def010d65bd9abd2b 9ddc81a57289b52987c667f5f8e87ad6 3e23a13c95a28367ef77e42628f300a3 0c350ab716e022120b67238f261909c8” A home that should be organized but informal, versatile, welcoming and free. ”  – Rosita Missoni  ( fashion icon )

This phrase I read it in one of my favorite magazines VOGUE Living ( Australia ) and I found it brilliant. It concentrates all the features you should find in a house.  I will keep it in my mind for now on.

Inspired by this words and wondering what type of home accessories harmonize this qualities, I definitely chose  ANTHROPOLOGIE     one of my favorite brands.  It has such a bold and eclectic style. They surprise me every time when they lauch a new collection.  Hard to describe them.  I loose myself for hours on their website.

I tried to choose some products that I liked ( hard, as I like them all )  . Hope you find something interesting to fit to your home.

Have a good week .


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