Findings and Color pallets

P1130564Nothing compares with the taste of fruits and veges picked up directly from my parents garden. Here’s a beautiful fruits arrangement found on my mom’s kitchen table. I think  it’s very inspiring as color range, so I said I should share it with you.


I was so excited to find this 2 book boxes in a very nice shop in my home town.  And they fit perfectly in our diningroom which is freshly painted in olive and burnt red shades.

P1130567Another item purchased yesterday, was this beautiful black artificial orchid. I’m not a big fan of artificial flowers, but some look so good and they are so cheap. I bought it  for my brother’s blue and white room, but it looked much better in my parents bedroom where they decorated in a Chinese style.

what do you think about my weekend findings?

have a great week ahead and a relaxed Sunday ( what’s left of it )


2 thoughts on “Findings and Color pallets

    • Alicia, I bet it will look nice.
      Regarding herbs it’s all about taking care of them. I tried once and I had to leave the flat for couple of days and most of them died when I came back 😦
      I love home gardens and you inspired me to create a post about it . Soon.

      thank you and good luck

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