Emerald Home Accessories and Interior Design Inspiration

emerald acc

There’s no Secret that the Emerald green is the color of the year. It’s such a rich hue, full of live and bold, but in the same time challenging to decorate with. Best to use just some accents like : vases, lamps or cushions. What comes in my mind every time I look at them is: gross tropical forests and luxury. Don’t ask me why 😀

Check out my selection of some amazing home accessories, room decorations and random images of emerald accents and let me know what you think.

emerald int emerald acccent

A. 1. Sofa   2. Rug   3. Table   4. Chair   5. Pillow   6. Lamp   7. Chair     8.Ceiling Light

B. 1. Bathroom   2. Diningroom   3. Livingroom  4. Kitchen

C. 1. Suitcases   2.Cakes  3. Table accessories   4.Table setting


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