How to organize a small space /studio

2ad2b641df89b644df851282fa379844      My lovely neighbour just got into Medicine Unit and she will move soon. Last night she came for a chat and the main topic was: what does she need now when she will live in a new empty apartment. Because I moved many times and I lived in big and small spaces, having a car full of things or just my 2 suitcases, I had some advices for her. Also, lately I found myself thinking how much I wish I would have lived in a smaller how. Too much cleaning, too many things and more expanses.

Thereby, I thought it we be very useful to search for some  studios which look amazing despite the small space.Yes, it’s possible for a limited space to look this good.

Here are some examples. Like them? because after seeing this, I kind of thinking moving all my stuff in my livingroom and transform it in one room flat.

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