Celebrity Homes – Reese Witherspoon Ranch

Reese-Witherspoon-Ojai-House-PicturesWe are all curious how the celebrity homes look like.  Surprisingly, some are petty ugly ….but there are some, just stunning.  The first celebrity who came in my mind, was the actress R. Witherspoon. My choice wasn’t just accidentally, but I was enjoying her last comedy  with my brother this afternoon and I was curious how her home looked.

I found this beautiful ranch on Popsuger site and I though it will worth sharing it with you guys. What do you think? I like it a lot. Simple and cozy, this house attracts me especially by its architecture and gardens.

Because to me it’s Sunday night… I wish you all a week full of energy.

0bc054ed808cf9fb_915-Del-Norte-Rd05.xxxlarge 1ce9800ce9c06b85_EDC090112Witherspoon11-xln-31173458.xxxlarge 7c1902d3ae6e4b5d_EDC090112Witherspoon12-xln-68874542.xxxlarge 71b3438b3f9698e0_02.xxxlarge  42192fa5a203c671_01.xxxlarge c118e189a32f12a8_915-Del-Norte-Rd17.xxxlarge721e728ac0ddb12a_915-Del-Norte-Rd08.xxxlarge


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