Selection of beds on a sleepy morning


Here I am at 5:30 am, posting about Bedrooms, especially beds. I wonder where did I had the inspiration of choosing this as today’s topic?! hmmmm I’m not a late-morning-and-cuddling-in-bed  person, but that doesn’t mean that the bedrooms are not important to me. Contrary. I need to have the most relaxing and comfortable ambient to be able to have a good sleep. But, I will leave my issues for now.

Here’s a very nice selection of my-kind-of beds. I usually eighth for dark colors as I never draw the curtains, so there’s a lot of light in my room. But nothing compares with  late mornings with your love one, in a bright atmosphere. The room colors, the mattress, light and of course the bed sheets are the ingredients for a sweet sleep. Oh, what a nice sensation is when you get into bed with brand new or fresh linens.

I probably have to go to sleep now. Busy day today.BTW it’s Friday Ohhh yeahhh !

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