Studio Flat & Vacations


Here I am in a lovely studio fat in Budapest, enjoying a sunny day and relaxing as much as I can.  Because I’m so excited by the flat I rent, I had to make time, between other relaxing activities, to post some inspiring pics of studio apartments. I haven’t had time to write posts for so long and I missed it terrible.

This nice place is situated right in the middle of Budapest, on a busy street full of restaurants, painted in brown and turquoise (you know that this is one of my fav color combination), is furnished with Ikea and what impressed me most, was how clever is organized ( I hope I will have the chance to take some pictures) . I can not stop talking about it, but I will leave you as it’s not that fun without showing you some images.

Hope you enjoy my selection and find them inspiring.

Have a lovely day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 279403317f759910339c2e60383922f2 861742a451d2e03fc5e14dd67725a0c0 662c71e05cf23c5b863323a667f9639a 367a1d533e9f58a781e426b762c6ab72


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