Retro Dark Green project

retro dark green

Hi, my dear reader! either you just found my blog, or you follow it, or you know me and you’re curious of what I’m posting … Welcome and thank you! I hope you enjoy my selection of images, or find my projects interesting and that you will Bookmark it, in case you might need some inspiration.

So, what do you think about today’s project?  all started this morning when I woke-up at 7:00 am driven by a desire to come up with something challenging. And because I find it pretty hard to build a Retro Interior, I accepted the challenge. Especially when I found the Danish Sideboard . Amazing , don’t you think? and then it was the Sofa which is absolutely stunning. But then I found myself thinking: what are the most symbolic retro items?have to find them … of course, the Clocks, the Fans and obviously, the Radio. Aren’t they so cool? .. although the 50’s 60’s and 70’s  where all about crazy colors and combinations, I wanted to keep it simple and elegant . The atmosphere is sophisticated mainly because of this amazing color – Dark Green balanced with a bit of beige.

Feel free to come up with suggestions or projects related with mine.

Have a lovely day and good luck with your own projects.

Source:  1. Clock  2. Sofa  3. Sideboard  4.Lightning  5. Radio  6. Fan  7. Coffee Table


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