Christmas Spirit


For a while now, the internet pages are full of Christmas/ winter decorations images, but I promised that I will post about it, only on the first day of snow in Romania. Today is the day! So, first thing in the morning I rusted to my computer and start looking for some inspiring images with homes ready for this magnificent season. I’m very pleased of my findings.The secret is not to fill your house with lots. In my opinion, please avoid to buy electric blue /pink decorations. Nothing to do with Christmas. Keep it traditional: red, white, green, gray, silver and gold. Also use some fir branches and paper/fabrics for wrapping. And the most important item would be : the lights. You will never go wrong with the golden light.

My favorite image is the last one, from Design Shimmers  and I found the Apartment Therapy (below) very interesting.  And I leave you to decide which one you like. Enjoy and have a splendid  Winter Season.


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