Essencial Home Accessories – Fragrances – Scented Candle

IMG_2483 We always talk about how a house should look like, what style we like, what colours we have to choose and what objects should fit. But, we forget that a real designer should take in consideration of all the 4 senses (the 5th 0 Taste -can’t be included)when she/he will decorate the space.

Scientists agree that smell and memory have a special relationship. People can often recall aromas from childhood or a distinctive odor they’ve only smelled once. Whatever the preferences, smells do enhance comfort and happiness.

I can’t imagine a house without candles or any type of fragrances – and I have to be very careful of my choose as I get very easily headache. Do you have any flavore or brand you like?
One of the reasons I love UK is because of TK-Maxx and Home Sense stores. You will find this amazing home accessories with very good prices. One of my favorite brand when it comes to Candles is Makers of Was Goods . Oh, if I could only find words to describe how fine and delicate they smell and they have this super interesting combinations of fragrances: Oudwood and Moss , Lather and Amber , Tabacco and Suede etc. Their brand and packaging is stunning’s just that I was super surprised I couldn’t find any website. They don’t have one. How is that possible?

Anyway, I recommend that, if you are from UK and you have a Tk-Maxx close to you or if you want to buy them online, do not hesitate. You won’t regret it.

IMG_2485IMG_2484I had a bit of play with the products and I’m pleased about the pictures I took today, taking in to consideration I used my iphone.

Hope you like my article and till next one: have a wonderful day.



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