Bohemian style decor inspiration


Take a look and tell us if you can see yourself lounging about in one of these beautiful schemes. Is it the bohemian style that you’re aspiring for? If so, then this will be a good article that you might get a few ideas from. Yes, it might be too feminine or too colourful for some, but I bet you can steal a few decorative ideas and implement them in your own setting. It’s a style not focused on perfection, far from it, as a matter of fact it focuses on the use of unconventional arrangements, imperfections and at the first glance is quite chaotic , then in the end it creates a bold and carefree design. The floral patterns and the artwork are key elements which  can be used as accents or a center theme. Inspired by gypsy culture this trend is suitable for those whose spirit will always be young, joyful, wild and free…and isn’t it probably what we are all aspiring to have?!





Have a joyful and sunny day.



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