Mexican Style inspiration – project



After a post about bohemian style and South American ceramic, how could I not come up with a project? Right?! … I’m so glad I did as I had so much joy searching and editing images and home accessories with so many colours and pattern. In fact, I would like to continue developing the idea in the future when I’ll  have a fresh view of the whole thing. It’s crazy how many hours I spent on it, as you will find this products only in amateur photos, so it’s a lot of Photoshop work involved. Anyway, you might wonder what is with the 2 projects? Let me tell you a “secret”: even if you find some my projects pretty simple, I spend a lot of time in finding the perfect match ( colour, angle or style); sometimes I end up saving dozen of pics and then I might be left with 8 as final ones. So, this time I wanted to put together the items which are not featured and create a moodboard with them. I have to admit that it looks fantastic and inspiring….so I still think about working on another design…..No, I have to stop here. It’s time for me to think of new styles which I haven’t had the chance to explore.

mexican moodboard

All the products are to be found in my Pinterest Gallery. 

Have a easy week.



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