Classic paintings inspiration for interior design – moodboard project

plum moodboard


There’s no day passing by without looking for inspirational images on internet, and every time I have to come across some amazing paintings and images. I’m a big admirer of classic artists and painters, that’s way most of the times when I start an interior design project I first try to find a painting or a specific illustration which will transmit something and which will inspire me. So today I said to myself “why not taking my last 3 finds and integrate them in a decor”.

The first image is not a painting, whether you believe it or not,it’s a photo and you probably recognise Natalia Vodinova – the supermodel. Unfortunately, the source does not mention the name of the photographer. I’ve been captured by the colours palette which is so exquisite and you can sense a bit of classicism well combined with modernism. Love it!



The second choice is a “beautiful painting by Loius Treserras ” . It brings me a lot of calmness and tranquility. What a more suitable decor than something with natural tones and textures? I chose Moroccan style, probably because I wanted something simple but sophisticated in the same time.

precious moments

And the last but not the least , the one I spend the most of my time. The artist who painted this amazing portrait is Herbert James Gunn   . This time I tried to come up with a bit of  twist: to move away from the classic decor, but not too much and the image in the right side of the canvas was the perfect match. I have a weakness for velvet and the sofa is stunning in this combination with the rough lamp shades. I think it goes quite well.

You can find all this images on my Pinterest folder .

Have a wonderful day.

Yours truly,



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