Heal’s collection – Furniture and home accessories

I do not know if you heard about Heal’s, but if you haven’t, it’s time for you to visit their website (www.heals.com) , especially if you are in the UK. To be honest, I recently discovered them and I’m so glad I did as they are amazing. The products and especially their styling it’s what I call: good quality stuff!!  I’m very inspired when browsing through their gallery and although I won’t be able to have a photo shoot of this caliber, I will be pleased to reduce it to a smaller scale. What I like the most is that all the designs are so elaborated, simple, but very trendy and it creates such a calm atmosphere. I wold love to have at least one their items in my house. So, it’s a must-have-item which is already on my list to buy when I will have my own house.

brunelstool-lifestyle_2 cumuluscorner-leftlifestyle580 dodie1


industrialblock1 industrialblock2 spuncopper

Hope you have enjoy it and good luck with your work, even if its not something that creative.

Till next time, take care!



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