Wallpaper* Magazine DESIGN AWARDS 2016 February issue – interior styling assistance



Wallpaper* February Issue its a special one, because we made a selection of the latest designs and we reward them. It was one of the most intense projects because I had to deal with dozens of products and assist two of the stylists one after the other (Amy Heffernan and Matthew Morris), making sure ( with the help of Olly and Cecilia) that everything was ready to be shoot. It was an amazing experience to be in the studios for couple of weeks and work with different teams of set builders and photographers. Each photoshoot was different and the ones we thought they will be quickly done, they actually were so hard. As conclusion: never  underestimate a projects and be ready for unexpected events.

As you can see, the images look fantastic and very different of each other. Amy’s modern and bold style is very inked in her sets and Matt’s elegant and classy look is so constant and admirable. I love their work and I’m so looking forward to see what else they have prepared for us.










Images: Wallpaper* 

Interiors: Matthew Morris and Amy Heffernan from Wallpaper* magazine 

For information about the photographers please check the content of the images or contact Olly Mason – Team-coordinator at Wallpaper*





Under £1000 budget bedroom- shop online in London

rent room proj price

For those of you who are planning to redecorate or you are starting from scratch a bedroom which needs to look good on a modest budget, I came up with some suggestions of products you might be like. They can be order online (if you are too busy) or found in stores (if you like shopping and you have time to lose yourself in affordable stores) . This particular project was made for a client with whom I work at the moment to decorate his new flat in London. The room had to be suitable for a young professional either man or woman- it has to be rent it… also the room it’s pretty small so we wanted to create space, but in the same time has to be very stylish on a budget as low as possible. There are plenty of products much cheaper, but we wanted to spend extra money on quality accessories.

Stores: Ikea, WestElm , John Lewis , NOTHS , Made and Society6 ( which can be order only online).

The total cost its £ 890 but we should add the: paint, curtain pole, an extra rug for both sides of the bed and some vases or a mirror.

Hope you find it inspiring and if you need any help in decorating I’m happy to help you.

Have a wonderful day.


Lifestyle styling for Wallpaper* magazine

product styling1

Today, I decided to share with you some of my little styling projects I’ve done for Wallpaper* magazine. I’m quite content with the results taking in the consideration that we had: limited time, just a small studio with the basic equipment and some background paper. Charlotte Crowston was the photographer assistant and we both pulled out from nowhere materials to work with. I still have a lot to learn and I know that I can do better, but I do recon that I should be proud and  share with you my first results and , maybe if you follow me, you can be the witness of my evolution. Ohh, there’s so much desire to work and become better!


product styling2


image source : Wallpaper* website 

London Design Festival part1 – love for lights

I admit, the London Design Festival (LDF) had finished about 3 weeks ago I guess – I just lost track of time. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk about it. It’s such a MUST for all designers, which it’s worth exploring as much as possible throughout the year! .. probably it might take me at least half an year to talk about everything I saw in the exhibitions.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to see everything in a week, but you can definitely take a day off or choose the weekends and end up seeing so many good things. I was very impressed how well organised it was, most of the shows were free- you have maps and there’s plenty of information displayed everywhere to guide you – so no excuse not to see as much as possible. You could meet the designer and of course, if you had time, you would have a drink..or two. For more precise info, you can check their website: www.londondesignfestival.com . I am so lucky to be in London and I although it happen to have a photo shoot in the same week, I manage to run from a place to another. I piece of advice: please be prepared for walking a lot, carrying heavy catalogues and run out of time to eat – so be very well prepared.

Because I’m a huge fan of lights and lighting accessories, here you have few of my favorites pieces. This would be the latest designs. Hope you like them!

IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4492 IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4504 IMG_4513 IMG_4514

Soon to be given credits – please bear with me!

Hope you have a great day!


Heal’s collection – Furniture and home accessories

I do not know if you heard about Heal’s, but if you haven’t, it’s time for you to visit their website (www.heals.com) , especially if you are in the UK. To be honest, I recently discovered them and I’m so glad I did as they are amazing. The products and especially their styling it’s what I call: good quality stuff!!  I’m very inspired when browsing through their gallery and although I won’t be able to have a photo shoot of this caliber, I will be pleased to reduce it to a smaller scale. What I like the most is that all the designs are so elaborated, simple, but very trendy and it creates such a calm atmosphere. I wold love to have at least one their items in my house. So, it’s a must-have-item which is already on my list to buy when I will have my own house.

brunelstool-lifestyle_2 cumuluscorner-leftlifestyle580 dodie1


industrialblock1 industrialblock2 spuncopper

Hope you have enjoy it and good luck with your work, even if its not something that creative.

Till next time, take care!


Delicate & Desirable Interiors – Moodboards

The weather has changed drastically overnight and the hot and sunny days are left behind ..and let’s admit it: already miss that, don’t we?!. I don’t want to get in a dramatic atmosphere but we must prepare ourselves for dark days with gray sky and lots of layers of clothes. Although, there’s a specific beauty to it, I guess that no one wants to bring that  in their house also. So, my proposal would be: how can you bring the summer back and enjoy it everyday? And I’m not talking about travelling to this hot destinations… who can do that all the time and afford it? Not my readers anyway….. therefor, my choice was manly white and beige shades, natural textures and pattern,using light tone wood and glass accessories, adding yellow and green accents. Fantastic!!!




Hope this was inspiring enough to visit my blog more often.

Have a sunny day,


British handmade designers I met

Saturday it’s market day. A day where you find pleasure in discovering new designs and unique jewellery peaces…and ending the day with a great wine and tasty burrito. Anyway, this post it’s not about the markets, it’s more about handmade artists and their displays. Last Saturday, on a sunny and hot day, I went to Spitalfields Market where I came across few super interesting booths and I was so glad that the girls were very nice and allowed me to take few pics.  As you noticed, they all look different and they are so unique in their own way.  I invite you to pay them a visit not just on their website but at the market and chat with them. They are so nice and they will tell you so many things about their little peaces of art.

So, meet SAINTS OD BOHEMIA. Their display was clever chosen to match the raw finish of the jewelleries.  The metal and the wood will always go well together and offset each other.  A very well done matching tone and textures. The booth definitely stands out and in fact it was easy to look at each peace, although, they had a quite lots displayed. Well done!








Next, is Daisy Cooper . Her slogan is: Inspired by Wilderness… and you can see that in the full collection of ceramics. I love the colour shades, the textures and the way she arranged them using natural materials. Some of her items can be used as food and jewellery display, as shown above. Her logo and business card is brilliant. Congrats to Daisy!









And now let me introduce you to Lucie Ellen for those who love simple geometric shapes in different colours and multiple illustrations. This accessories are full of joy and fun. They have a optimistic vibe and, because of their simplicity, can be combine with lots of types of outfits. If I would have to wear them, I would get an asymmetrical gray/back long dress or a simple long shirt. Love them!










Last one, Little Smith, had the most elaborated booth. Using ropes and fabrics, combined with greenery and vintage items. It looked so natural and crazy ( in a good way). Each corner was well arranged and the entire design highlighted the uniqueness of each item. You should definitely check their website – its brilliant. He is super talented and  they do care a lot for their image. It’s worth pay them a visit.





Hope I aroused your interest in visiting the Spitalfield Market and if you will see one of this beautiful artists, please say hello and try to interact with them.

Have a lovely Monday !


London designers guide – Designers Guild Store & Project



It gives me a great pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite designers – Tricia Guild, the founder of Designers Guild . Since I arrived to London I wanted to visit one of her showrooms and stores, and yesterday was that day. I had to dedicate a full article to her and put together a styling project.. and I’m so happy with my pics. Let me tell you something: with Guild designs, you can never go wrong. The collections are full of life, joyful and the patterns will create an exotic atmosphere… as if you were in the most luxuriant bungalow in Laos or India.

First image it’s a moodboard created with: fabrics, catalogs, wallpaper and different objects collected yesterday from the store; followed below by 2 images of the windows. BTW, I was almost hit by a car as I had to stay in the middle of the street to take the shoot …hihi .. if you wonder why I had to do that?! it’s because I have a fix lens.



Next, is my styling project created before I went to see the place. The center peace is Tricia Guild’s new book which I simply adore. You just can’t stop browsing it.






And here we are showing you how the store looks like. I was so glad that they allowed me to take pictures. There are a lot of things going on, so it was very hard to take simple shoots and create a light atmosphere, but in the end I manage to get few quite good ones…I may say.












I hope you enjoyed my gallery and work … and probably even convincing you to go to the Designers Guild store or order online.

Take care till next time and be creative!


Sahco fabrics & Anthropologie obsession for products

I was in the mood to play with some fabrics I currently found at KLC in London, so I took my camera and with a lot of enthusiasm but in the same time super nervous, I took few shoots (please see only the big pics with text). I was nervous because I haven’t used a DSLR camera for such a long time – it was interesting and scary in the same time 🙂 Anyway, with the least effort and with a bit of Photoshop this are the results. As noticed, I also added few examples of images of products from their website. Hope you like it!

BTW: if you haven’t heard about Sahco nor Anthropoligie? you should.. they are amazing brands.



Have a easy day,