Industrial&Modern kitchen solution

Kitchen moodboard

All the houses I leaved in, and there are few now, they all had a bright kitchen with the working area near the window. Therefore, every time I have to design a new space I think, first of all, if there’s enough light and airy surfaces. I love open shelves which are practical and fun – you can add so much flair to the space by mismatching pottery and kitchen accessories; I love to see herbs in pots; I love the texture of the wood – I couldn’t never see myself working in a kitchen where there’s no wood whatsoever ( although I like it to be in small amounts) …and I definitely love tiles.

This moodboard was made for a potential kitchen of a client – unfortunately the new property came with a kitchen already, so we couldn’t go with this projects, although he was so thrilled of the project. From the beginning he wanted something industrial but cosy with black cabinets and white tiles. Because the kitchen was near to a water canal, I wanted to add accents of natural textures and linen fabrics so it will feel a bit summery – taking in consideration the grim London weather.

I had to leave the space as simple as possible so it will stick to the budget, but if I have to play a bit more with my imagination I could add  just a bit of colour to the scheme and some graphic accents: some Moroccan tiles or illustrations on the wall , some playful Mexican or Asian plates and mugs… and i will have to stop now otherwise I’ll risk having a creating atmosphere.

Hope you like the project and find it inspiring for your own kitchen.

Have a sunny day.



Under £1000 budget bedroom- shop online in London

rent room proj price

For those of you who are planning to redecorate or you are starting from scratch a bedroom which needs to look good on a modest budget, I came up with some suggestions of products you might be like. They can be order online (if you are too busy) or found in stores (if you like shopping and you have time to lose yourself in affordable stores) . This particular project was made for a client with whom I work at the moment to decorate his new flat in London. The room had to be suitable for a young professional either man or woman- it has to be rent it… also the room it’s pretty small so we wanted to create space, but in the same time has to be very stylish on a budget as low as possible. There are plenty of products much cheaper, but we wanted to spend extra money on quality accessories.

Stores: Ikea, WestElm , John Lewis , NOTHS , Made and Society6 ( which can be order only online).

The total cost its £ 890 but we should add the: paint, curtain pole, an extra rug for both sides of the bed and some vases or a mirror.

Hope you find it inspiring and if you need any help in decorating I’m happy to help you.

Have a wonderful day.


Natural textures & earth tones interior inspiration



So, here we go again..Monday !!! A new week, same routine, 5 days of hard work….boring. BTW:  How was your weekend? Let me tell you: mine, it’s was so good that I’m still thinking about it. It’s been a while since I went up in the mountain, hiking and enjoying the fresh air, the landscape , the silence and the wildness. I was so happy up there, so full of hope, relaxed and everything was so peaceful, that’s way I had to post an article which will reflect that state of mind. I’m developing a deeper appreciation for natural materials and I am more and more drawn in combining natural textures and fabrics. Here are my selections.






Hope this article was inspiring for you, or at least it brought alive the desire of going out in nature.

Have a great start of the week and keep it real.


Mediterranean & Scandinavian styles combination

airySummer it’s almost here and although I love spring, I can’t think of how much I miss the sea and the sun.  I yearn for few days somewhere near the ocean/sea, to feel the sand beneath my feet and lie on a soft white cotton sunbed. Because, again I have other plans more important than affording ( as time)  a holiday, I thought to come up with a design solution which will bring that feeling alive no matter where you live. I didn’t want to overly use the maritime theme and because the most relaxing moments are brought by light shades and airy spaces, I thought that I should combine the Scandinavian style with a touch of Mediterranean influence. White, cream , grey and accents of black and blue is what you need. Use cotton and translucent fabrics and do not forget the plants to give you that impact of an exotic scene.

Accessories : 1. Lantern from Think Fabricate  2. Sofa from Invaluable    3. Curtains from Urbanoutfitters  4.  Fragrances from Urbanoutfitters  5. Twin Tables from TwentyTwentyone  6.  Rug by The Rug Company  7. Octopus Print from Bashla website  8. Prin by Mirella Bruno   9. Cabinet by Hierve  10. Wall clocks from Anthropologie 11. Chair by Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto found on Dezeen  12. Plant pot by Atelier Stella

Hope you’ve been inspired and you like my work.

Have a sunny day,


A splash of colour for a fun and joyful interior


It might not be the men’s choice of colour, but Salmon is the perfect accent to give your space a delicate and joyful feeling. I see it more suitable in a girl’s room but I don’t say No to have a bit of splash here and there in your living room or dining room, like in the below images.



If you are looking for something new and innovative, I suggest you to go for few accents ( like  painting or some home accessories) or an entire wall ( as in the last image ). Play with different shades and combinations, textures or techniques. It can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to over do it or choosing the wrong tone, as it might look too childish. Be aware, if  you want to share your life with a partner , he might be a bit overwhelmed by the colour- in this case, I might suggest to ask him first  🙂 .    9ff4861dda0a90bd8cff673d5386b655




Love it! look at this fantastic wall. It reminds me of childhood, when we use to play with water colours. As I was saying in the previews article: more and more images of interiors using this painting technique. Do you like it?

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Images : Studiono27 pinterest gallery

2015 Trends , Tricia Guild’s vibrant interiors

2015 Trends , Tricia Guild’s vibrant interiors

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