Wallpaper choice of the day- Arte International


One of the reasons to leave in London is that you have where to choose from when it comes to decorating your space, furniture stores, home accessories, design fairs… and PUBs of course.. hehehe…because after so much craziness of running from a place to another, you definitely need a good drink. Thanks God we have internet and we have blogs to make our life easier. So, if you are looking for a really special wallpaper, I suggest ARTE International . Their collections are so elegant and vibrant. Somehow, the textures remind me of gem stones or natural textures. The ones that captured my attention were The Alchemy and Mirage  collection. You just can’t go wrong with any of your choices.

I also encourage you to pay a visit to their showroom. It’s just stunning! I could easily take it as a place you can leave there. You will find more selections of wallpaper and you are in good hands when it comes to services and interior design consultation. Go for it, what are you waiting for?!






London designers guide – Designers Guild Store & Project



It gives me a great pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite designers – Tricia Guild, the founder of Designers Guild . Since I arrived to London I wanted to visit one of her showrooms and stores, and yesterday was that day. I had to dedicate a full article to her and put together a styling project.. and I’m so happy with my pics. Let me tell you something: with Guild designs, you can never go wrong. The collections are full of life, joyful and the patterns will create an exotic atmosphere… as if you were in the most luxuriant bungalow in Laos or India.

First image it’s a moodboard created with: fabrics, catalogs, wallpaper and different objects collected yesterday from the store; followed below by 2 images of the windows. BTW, I was almost hit by a car as I had to stay in the middle of the street to take the shoot …hihi .. if you wonder why I had to do that?! it’s because I have a fix lens.



Next, is my styling project created before I went to see the place. The center peace is Tricia Guild’s new book which I simply adore. You just can’t stop browsing it.






And here we are showing you how the store looks like. I was so glad that they allowed me to take pictures. There are a lot of things going on, so it was very hard to take simple shoots and create a light atmosphere, but in the end I manage to get few quite good ones…I may say.












I hope you enjoyed my gallery and work … and probably even convincing you to go to the Designers Guild store or order online.

Take care till next time and be creative!


Bohemian style decor inspiration


Take a look and tell us if you can see yourself lounging about in one of these beautiful schemes. Is it the bohemian style that you’re aspiring for? If so, then this will be a good article that you might get a few ideas from. Yes, it might be too feminine or too colourful for some, but I bet you can steal a few decorative ideas and implement them in your own setting. It’s a style not focused on perfection, far from it, as a matter of fact it focuses on the use of unconventional arrangements, imperfections and at the first glance is quite chaotic , then in the end it creates a bold and carefree design. The floral patterns and the artwork are key elements which  can be used as accents or a center theme. Inspired by gypsy culture this trend is suitable for those whose spirit will always be young, joyful, wild and free…and isn’t it probably what we are all aspiring to have?!





Have a joyful and sunny day.


Normann Copenhagen sophisticated simplicity – interior styling


“We Believe In Great Design” – a real statement which can be found in each of the products shown in Normann Copehagen’s gallery. I love their simple and minimalist lines and the colour palette which gives you that feeling of calmness and neatness. This Danish design company collection consists of a wide range of  furniture, sculptural lighting, stunning textiles and home accessories. It caught my eye in a second and I’m looking forward to insert some of their creations in my next project. Hope you find them as extraordinary as I do and visit my blog soon to check my new posts.






Thank you for reading my blog.

Have a lovely day,


Mediterranean & Scandinavian styles combination

airySummer it’s almost here and although I love spring, I can’t think of how much I miss the sea and the sun.  I yearn for few days somewhere near the ocean/sea, to feel the sand beneath my feet and lie on a soft white cotton sunbed. Because, again I have other plans more important than affording ( as time)  a holiday, I thought to come up with a design solution which will bring that feeling alive no matter where you live. I didn’t want to overly use the maritime theme and because the most relaxing moments are brought by light shades and airy spaces, I thought that I should combine the Scandinavian style with a touch of Mediterranean influence. White, cream , grey and accents of black and blue is what you need. Use cotton and translucent fabrics and do not forget the plants to give you that impact of an exotic scene.

Accessories : 1. Lantern from Think Fabricate  2. Sofa from Invaluable    3. Curtains from Urbanoutfitters  4.  Fragrances from Urbanoutfitters  5. Twin Tables from TwentyTwentyone  6.  Rug by The Rug Company  7. Octopus Print from Bashla website  8. Prin by Mirella Bruno   9. Cabinet by Hierve  10. Wall clocks from Anthropologie 11. Chair by Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto found on Dezeen  12. Plant pot by Atelier Stella

Hope you’ve been inspired and you like my work.

Have a sunny day,


Retro Dark Green project

Retro Dark Green project

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Classic never dies

clasicWhen you thought you had enough of Classic from me…. Up-a-daisy! another post! …. I had this collage made few weeks ago when I was obsessed about elegance and masculine touches. I couldn’t just leave it there in my folder, so this morning I took the decision to post it. Especially for the ones that are visiting my blog for the first time.

I opt for a combination of calm browns and a bit of blue to balance the pallet.  I see it in the hall, near the entrance when you usually keep your most useful stuff. I used the white floor and wainscot to give it a bit of modern touch and to avoid the oppression feeling ( which a classic look can easily give ).  I would have choose a wallpaper, but I didn’t found the right one.

what do you like about my setting and what you don’t like about it?

have a good day


List of objects : desk- Dering Hall  / buckets- ZincDoor   / rug- Joss&Main  / classic phone – Homestead   / sconce- Flicker   / Painting – LaMaisonGray

Elegant Rooms – Navy & Caramel inspiration

Elegant Rooms – Navy & Caramel inspiration

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