Styling by Lucy Gough – assisting project


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I had the amazing opportunity to assist Lucy Gough to one of her photo shoots and I was so looking forward to receiving the images so I can share this with you, guys!  Nevertheless, I had the honour to observe and learn from  Xavier Young the photographer with whom Lucy has collaborated many times. What I love about this industry is that no matter how known you are or your just in the beginning, if you’re the stylist or the painter… you will be treated equally and with respect. It’s all about team work and each opinion matters. Because everybody knows that each has an important role in making an image look amazing. Therefore, Lucy, Xavier and the entire team managed to  come up with this stunning images which I’m so happy to post. There were 2 fun days in which I learned and meet wonderful people, and that makes everything worth it.


Global Interior-Wallpaper* issue – assisting stylist experience


Here I am writing and showing you my last project with Wallpaper*. And when I thought that other projects were pretty intense..this was by far harder than what I’ve experienced before. I really have to mention that, I couldn’t have made it without the help of the photographer assistants and the other interns from the office ..and of course Olly, which I stressed her with thousands of txts and phone calls – thank you all. Although we had one of the biggest studios in London, it seams that we still struggled with space. The entire projects was challenging even from the very beginning. We had only few weeks to get all the products in UK  from: Singapore, Mexico,USA etc. We usually have 1 month but because of the Christmas Holidays we had only few time left. Amy Heffernan ( the stylist ) had to change the strategy during the photo-shooting, because some of the products were still on their way. What was very interesting was that we worked in parallel on 2 or 3 sets. Whiles  the photographer and stylist were busy with one set, we were already busy setting the next two. Juggling through the boxes and giving things to do to 4-5 people, it was fun and .. I have to use again, challenging ( I can’t find a better word really).

All in all… the result it’s stunning! I love the products and colour scheme that Amy chose and the Richard Foster’s lighting and composition skills (

I have to say that, the 4 months experience to Wallpaper* was worth it and looking back I realise how many things I learn and what a fantastic team was the Interiors. I couldn’t see myself doing something else and I hope I’ll have the chance to collaborate again with them in the close future.














Wallpaper* Magazine DESIGN AWARDS 2016 February issue – interior styling assistance



Wallpaper* February Issue its a special one, because we made a selection of the latest designs and we reward them. It was one of the most intense projects because I had to deal with dozens of products and assist two of the stylists one after the other (Amy Heffernan and Matthew Morris), making sure ( with the help of Olly and Cecilia) that everything was ready to be shoot. It was an amazing experience to be in the studios for couple of weeks and work with different teams of set builders and photographers. Each photoshoot was different and the ones we thought they will be quickly done, they actually were so hard. As conclusion: never  underestimate a projects and be ready for unexpected events.

As you can see, the images look fantastic and very different of each other. Amy’s modern and bold style is very inked in her sets and Matt’s elegant and classy look is so constant and admirable. I love their work and I’m so looking forward to see what else they have prepared for us.










Images: Wallpaper* 

Interiors: Matthew Morris and Amy Heffernan from Wallpaper* magazine 

For information about the photographers please check the content of the images or contact Olly Mason – Team-coordinator at Wallpaper*




Lifestyle styling for Wallpaper* magazine

product styling1

Today, I decided to share with you some of my little styling projects I’ve done for Wallpaper* magazine. I’m quite content with the results taking in the consideration that we had: limited time, just a small studio with the basic equipment and some background paper. Charlotte Crowston was the photographer assistant and we both pulled out from nowhere materials to work with. I still have a lot to learn and I know that I can do better, but I do recon that I should be proud and  share with you my first results and , maybe if you follow me, you can be the witness of my evolution. Ohh, there’s so much desire to work and become better!


product styling2


image source : Wallpaper* website